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Ericka Davis


Ericka Davis is known as an inspirational author, women’s speaker, management/instructional coach, and educator. She is a graduate of Cleveland State University with a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood. She also has a master’s degree from the University of Phoenix for Curriculum and Instruction. She is certified Real Time Teacher coach for educators for management as well as instruction.

As an Administrator, I have had the opportunity to lead and manage the daily responsibilities of supporting a school. I have utilized the leadership skills and abilities of staff and teachers. Under my direction, I provided teachers and students with opportunities to work in their capacity of leadership through instruction action teams and student school jobs.
What makes me qualified for this position is not only my years of service but my passion to support and lead others to their potential of leadership. I believe leaders are not leaders because of their title. It is the action of a leader that shows their true leadership ability. Along with modeling, coaching, and providing opportunities for leadership, I use data from relevant assessments, observations, and surveys to determine the area(s) of focus for assisting the growth and development of a school or educator.

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